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After recent debate, we have decided to lower our initiation period length to one week (down from two weeks). This is in response to concerns that the length of our initation period may discourage potential recruits, yet also ensures that benefits to our having an initiation period are not lost.

This change is retroactive; all Recruits who were already one week (or further) into their initiation period have been promoted to full member rank, so that they may benefit from this alteration in our policy.

Restrictions regarding Recruits and raiding remain unchanged.

Furthermore, in response to suggestions made on the forums, we have decided to relax our recruitment policy to allow entry to members with fewer/no real-life connections to Ebon Phoenix (though such connections are still considered desirable, they are no longer mandatory). Our recruitment process (application form review followed by initiation period) remains firmly in place as a ‘screening process’ for applicants.

Suggestions have been made regarding spreading the word about Ebon Phoenix on the server, to attract new members; Lunesca and I have since drafted up an advertisement which she has kindly posted on our behalf on the official realm forum, and I have been hard at work supplying our information to websites such as WoWWiki and Realmhistory to increase awareness of our progress as a guild. The Officers would like to encourage members to direct potential recruits to our forum, where they may post an application.

~ Zhai


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