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This weekend has been a very busy one for Ebon Phoenix’s raiders, with a Naxxramas run hosted by Sarris on Saturday and an Ulduar continuation run co-hosted by Kiaya and Lunesca on Sunday, which due to unforseen circumstances ended up with a visit to the Obsidian Sanctum, and a Naxxramas continuation co-hosted by Kiaya and Sarris (using Saturday’s ID).

Our attempts in Ulduar on Sunday night were sadly rather restricted, primarily by gear (as we still have a limited number of Ulduar-equipped tanks) plus we lost one of our raid leaders due to heatstroke (which we hope she will recover from swiftly).

However, all was not lost. Ebon Phoenix’s first visit to the Obsidian Sanctum was a double-whammy, resulting in our first Sartharion kill along with the “Less is More” achievement. Due to the smaller group, we did not attempt the boss with any of the drakes still alive, but no doubt we will return in the near future for “drake runs” as we’re more than capable of succeeding.

Based on the group’s success, we have decided to reassign Sartharion to “farm” status, though “drake runs” will likely remain “middle ground” status.

On Saturday, we cleared the Plague and Arachnid quarters of Naxxramas, as well as clearing the Military wing up to the Four Horsemen, and Patchwerk from the Construct quarter. We continued on Sunday to clear the remaining bosses, and took down Sapphiron minus frost resistance to bag ourselves “The Hundred Club” achievement.

We’ll be returning to Ulduar on Thursday on a fresh ID; don’t forget to sign up if you would like to join us!

~ Zhai


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