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Friday’s raid group went ahead as planned, co-hosted by Kiaya and Sarris (as Lunesca was unable to join us).

After a nailbiting battle for Wintergrasp, the Horde took control of the fortress, and our group ventured into the Vault of Archavon for the first time. We successfully defeated Archavon the Stone Watcher, though Emalon the Storm Watcher proved to be out of our reach for the time being (due to the group’s DPS restrictions). We will likely return to take down Emalon in the near future.

After defeating Archavon, we continued on to the Obsidian Sanctum, and rounded off the evening’s entertainment with a drake-free Sartharion kill.

Thank you to all who attended, in particular to those who stepped in at the last minute to replace people, and those who brought their alts to fill the raid slots.

Our next raid group will be venturing into Naxxramas on Saturday night.

~ Zhai


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