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It’s been another busy weekend for Ebon Phoenix’s raiding groups, with a Naxxramas 10 full clear on Saturday, and an Ulduar 10 continuation raid on Sunday.

Sarris’ Naxxramas raid was an outstanding success, with the group clearing the entire instance in just over four hours, and added bonus achievements “Momma Said Knock You Out” and “The Hundred Club”.

Kiaya and Lunesca’s Ulduar continuation was also hugely successful; starting in the Conservatory of Life, we took down Freya, then headed to the Spark of Imagination, where we defeated Mimiron for the first time (who will henceforth be known as “That Big Metal Bastard!”). We finished the evening on a high note, after bringing General Vezax down to approximately 45%.

There’s a possibility of another continuation raid on Kiaya and Lunesca’s Ulduar ID for further progress on the General (and hopefully Yogg-Saron) later this week, as well as Monday night’s Black Temple nostalgia raid (hosted by Jaerielle). As always, sign-ups are on the forum; under-80s are more than welcome to tag along for the Black Temple raid provided that they are able to enter the instance :)

~ Zhai


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