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Jaerielle led a group into the Black Temple on Monday night. We defeated all bosses except for Illidan Stormrage; we returned to the Black Temple on Tuesday night in order to defeat Illidan, earning our raiders the achievement “The Black Temple” which will count toward their “Outland Raider” meta-achievements.

After defeating Illidan, we returned to the Descent Into Madness on a continuation raid co-hosted by Kiaya and Lunesca. Our raid group defeated General Vezax for the first time, before venturing into the Prison of Yogg-Saron to have some practice against the Old God. Jaerielle treated the raid group to a celebratory “banana dance”, before Blizzard decided that it was time for bed around 01:00 (servertime) and kicked us all out of Hellscream.

As well as possible plans for Naxxramas and Mount Hyjal raids from both Sarris and Jaerielle, Lunesca and Kiaya will be taking us back to Ulduar on a fresh ID this Friday; sign up on the forum!

~ Zhai


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