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Last Tuesday saw Sarris lead a group into Naxxramas, successfully clearing the entire instance in a matter of hours.

Then on Friday, an Eye of Eternity raid was hosted for us by Lunesca and Kiaya. After a relatively late start, the group managed to take down Malygos after only a few attempts, before progressing on to a fresh Naxxramas ID.

Unfortunately, Sunday’s planned Ulduar raid had to be cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. Sarris has rescheduled the raid for this coming Tuesday.

This week looks set to be a busy one, with several other raids planned in addition to Tuesday’s rescheduled Ulduar raid. Jaerielle will be leading a group on a nostalgia run into Tempest Keep this evening, plus Lunesca and Kiaya have plans to lead groups into Ulduar on Wednesday and into the Trial of Crusader on Friday. Sign up on the forums to be part of the action!

~ Zhai


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