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This weekend has been a very successful one for Ebon Phoenix raid wise!

On Saturday evening, Lunesca led a team of ten people into the Trial of the Crusader. We had a few hiccups on the opening three beast bosses due to new people learning fight mechanics. Along with some struggles on the Twin Val’kyr, we managed to clear right up to Anu’Barak. The final attempt on him before the end of the raid saw him at just 14% health. Lunesca is leading a continuation to finish him this coming Wednesday. Sign up here! Special thanks to Venatus Una guild member Nasito, who was gracious enough to assist us in the challenge.

Also, congratulations to Strato who has reproduced Asexually to produce Tragnuk, as seen in the picture below!


And on Sunday evening, a raid charged into into Ulduar 10. The raid shared the success of the previous Trial of the Crusader run, clearing from the Flame Leviathan to General Vezaxbefore raid’s end, with very few obstacles.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Of special note achievement wise, the raid group managed Cheese The Freeze from Hodir after an excellent display of concentration, A Quick Shave on Razorscale due to the heavy DPS output. Along with Must Deconstruct Faster on XT-002, since his ‘testicles’ were being DPS’ed so hard he barely fought in the battle. These achievements went in tandem with the standard The Siege of Ulduar, The Antechamber of Ulduar and The Keepers of Ulduar for the people who hadn’t managed to reach that content before. Well done indeed!

Of extra special note however was the kill of Mimiron, which consisted of just four people on Phase 4, who despite the crippling casualties kept on fighting to eventually bring all three sections of Mimiron’s body down at the same time. Refusing to give up no matter the odds, an extremely impressive display of valor!


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