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Last Friday Ebon Phoenix cleared Trial of the Crusader once again, along with a warm up run against Onyxia. Due to the success we’ve experienced, clearing it pretty routinely each week, the 10 man Trial of the Crusader is to become Middleground raid content. This means that well gear alts are permitted to join. The first Trial of the Grand Crusader is also incoming on Sunday.

For some reason when we triggered the Lich King during the Trial of the Crusader, the corpse of one of the Twin Valkyr followed us down to Anub’Arak. Strato then took this an an opportunity to sexually abuse her dead body. We congratulate their new relationship and await the pitter-patter of tiny undead, druidic feet…

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Since the christmas month is approaching, Leylarna is going to be spear-heading a Secret Santa scheme. This basically means, rather than getting everyone a small gift in in Wow, every focuses on getting one larger present, with Leylarna matching up people to ensure everyone gets one. Feel free to head to Leylarna’s thread on the forum to discuss!

And on the Saturday, the planned 25 man Ulduar had to revert to a fresh run of Ulduar 10, which served as a great opportunity to distribute some equipment. We managed to finish off Hodir before people got sleepy. During that raid, Girr managed to win a a cloth hat item with a roll of 1, well done there. And just before we reached Hodir, Lunesca could not contain her curiosity and encouraged us to clear the passageway to the south side of Hodir, where we had not cleared before. As a reward for our curiosity, we found a simple, bland and inanimate door. The following video is a tribute to that door’s sheer lack entertainment value:


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