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Due to a consistent high standard of 10 man raiding performance Ebon Phoenix is branching out into Heroic Mode focus and beginning a project that will hopefully end in the demise of one of the most feared WotLK bosses to date! Algalon the Observer will be attempted over the coming months and for more information on this project Lunesca asks that all interested parties visit this thread to discuss.


Also coming up is a trip to Trial of the Grand Crusader which has been highly anticipated by many of our members, good luck in there to all whom are signed! Let’s have a few of those modes down before the patch.

In recent news Lunesca led Ebon Phoenix into TOTC25 for their first solo guild run. Despite only having 23 players (and only 5 healers!) the group managed to down the Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxuss before moving onto Onyxia for a quick cuddle before bed! Well done to all involved, and a special thank you to those who joined on short notice to help out – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Last but by no means least, Ebon Phoenix have become home to a large number of new members, all of whom have settled into EP like it’s been home for years. The officers would like to thank all our new recruits for really adding to the wonderful atmosphere of the guild and hope to spend many years playing by their sides!


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