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This update has been a long time coming, apologies for the delay.

The last two months have been a giggle and a half for Ebon Phoenix. The guild has continued to expand up to 76 player accounts with over 250 characters. With additional applications still incoming, we’ve got a lovely mix of people and personalities

The guild suffered an attack from the People’s Republic of China a few weeks ago, specifically their Gold Seller Division. Several of our members were hacked of their possessions, including officer Kiaya. Through Kiaya’s account, the gold seller emptied our guild bank of everything of value, resulting in a good ten thousand gold’s worth of equipment being stolen. After getting in touch with the GM, the content was restored. But what was not anticipated was the almost patriotic fevor among the guild members to immedietely replace the lost materials in the aftermath of the hacking. By the time the GM handing back the items, guild members had nearly replaced what was taken. Resulting in the purchase of the final guild bank tab just to hold everything. Outstanding display of devotion from everyone involved!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Raiding has continued in Icecrown. With the furthest 10 man ID reaching Putricide in the Plagueworks. Regular weekly 10 man ID’s are the norm, however the guild were able to field a 25 man Icecrown two weeks ago, which brought Lady Deathwhisper to 30%. Well done everyone in Icecrown.

Sacrosanct led a recent attempt at a Naxx 10 Undying run, which was unfortauntely twarted that Gluth with one casualty being taken. More Undying attempts will follow. And Sarris has been trying to down Yogg-Saron again for the sport of it.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Congratulations to Bround and Anysa who were able to pickup Azure drakes in Oculus only a couple of days after it’s placement into the game, from the same instance session.

Also, remember for the next time you need to run away from the police, you are not in an action film:


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