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On Saturday evening, Sacrosanct led nine players into Naxx 10 in an attempt to get the Undying achievement. Despite being one player down, the run was a complete success. Nine of our members are now known as ‘The Undying’. Well done to:

Sacrosanct the Undying (Field Commander)
Dusas the Undying
Caregiver the Undying
Sarris the Undying
Solidos the Undying
Cheleb the Undying
Starswinger the Undying
Nessage the Undying
Sarcophagus the Undying

After we had finished in Naxxramas, we decided a victory lap of Ignis the Furnance Master was in order. So we went and sat on him for the weekly. All in all, jolly good fun! Special thanks to Sacrosanct for running the show.


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