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Category Archives: Guild Announcements

We’re planning an in-game fireworks display to celebrate the guild’s first birthday. Full details can be found on the forum; we hope that you’ll be able to join us :)

We’ll also be recording footage for a new guild promotional video, so watch this space!


Leylarna is currently organizing a list of people for our guild Secret Santa this Winter Veil.

The deadline will be around the 1st of December to allow enough time for people to organize their presents.

Please visit the forum thread or send Leylarna a whisper if you’d like to get involved!

~ Zhai

Amongst our new members one has stood out, we recently became home to Zuuzuu’s baby gorilla who has been an integral part to our successes in the Argent Tournament instances and raids. Our members are warned that he is not yet house trained and bubbling him could prove disastrous as Serinia recently found out, having spent all of this week scrubbing her divine intervention bubble clean.


With our ventures into 25 man Ulduar content opening up we have seen our first [Fragment of Val’anyr] come into the guild. The lucky winner of this legendary item is now in hiding from the rest of our healer core who only want to reward him for his loot win and pay their respects to the fragment. Congratulations Este!

Last week Ebon Phoenix hosted an open discussion over Teamspeak, bringing together members and officers alike to discuss everyone’s criticisms, praise, suggestions and possible changes for our guild. The evening was generally very positive with many members praising the atmosphere and general running of the guild. More meetings will follow, there were fruits from our meeting namely in changes to our recruitment processes and bringing in advisory roles to the rankings. More information on these changes can be found within the “Suggestions” section of the forum, which can be found here.

It is also very important that all guild members view this video (with audio), on pain of death!

After recent debate, we have decided to lower our initiation period length to one week (down from two weeks). This is in response to concerns that the length of our initation period may discourage potential recruits, yet also ensures that benefits to our having an initiation period are not lost.

This change is retroactive; all Recruits who were already one week (or further) into their initiation period have been promoted to full member rank, so that they may benefit from this alteration in our policy.

Restrictions regarding Recruits and raiding remain unchanged.

Furthermore, in response to suggestions made on the forums, we have decided to relax our recruitment policy to allow entry to members with fewer/no real-life connections to Ebon Phoenix (though such connections are still considered desirable, they are no longer mandatory). Our recruitment process (application form review followed by initiation period) remains firmly in place as a ‘screening process’ for applicants.

Suggestions have been made regarding spreading the word about Ebon Phoenix on the server, to attract new members; Lunesca and I have since drafted up an advertisement which she has kindly posted on our behalf on the official realm forum, and I have been hard at work supplying our information to websites such as WoWWiki and Realmhistory to increase awareness of our progress as a guild. The Officers would like to encourage members to direct potential recruits to our forum, where they may post an application.

~ Zhai

Ebon Phoenix have a new group on Facebook!

Please send me a private message, in-game whisper, or Facebook message if you’d like an invitation.

~ Zhai