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This update has been a long time coming, apologies for the delay.

The last two months have been a giggle and a half for Ebon Phoenix. The guild has continued to expand up to 76 player accounts with over 250 characters. With additional applications still incoming, we’ve got a lovely mix of people and personalities

The guild suffered an attack from the People’s Republic of China a few weeks ago, specifically their Gold Seller Division. Several of our members were hacked of their possessions, including officer Kiaya. Through Kiaya’s account, the gold seller emptied our guild bank of everything of value, resulting in a good ten thousand gold’s worth of equipment being stolen. After getting in touch with the GM, the content was restored. But what was not anticipated was the almost patriotic fevor among the guild members to immedietely replace the lost materials in the aftermath of the hacking. By the time the GM handing back the items, guild members had nearly replaced what was taken. Resulting in the purchase of the final guild bank tab just to hold everything. Outstanding display of devotion from everyone involved!

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Raiding has continued in Icecrown. With the furthest 10 man ID reaching Putricide in the Plagueworks. Regular weekly 10 man ID’s are the norm, however the guild were able to field a 25 man Icecrown two weeks ago, which brought Lady Deathwhisper to 30%. Well done everyone in Icecrown.

Sacrosanct led a recent attempt at a Naxx 10 Undying run, which was unfortauntely twarted that Gluth with one casualty being taken. More Undying attempts will follow. And Sarris has been trying to down Yogg-Saron again for the sport of it.

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Congratulations to Bround and Anysa who were able to pickup Azure drakes in Oculus only a couple of days after it’s placement into the game, from the same instance session.

Also, remember for the next time you need to run away from the police, you are not in an action film:


The guild has been nice and busy since the launch of patch 3.3. With the triumph badges thick on the ground, a lot of people have been diving into those heroics head first to help guild members get those delicious badges. Thank you very much to all those who have been keeping up the community spirit by helping out!

Leylarna’s secret santa scheme was a big success! Three cheers for Leylarna for organising the entire event and we all look forward to seeing something similiar next year.

Raiding this month has been a right old laugh. Last Saturday the guild managed to clear all the way up to Anub’arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader 25 man, successfully killing the Faction Champions and the Twin Valkyr as a guild first. Though unfortunately we were unable to bring down Anub’Arak, it was a right good show. Well done to all who attended.

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Icecrown Citadel has proved to be very entertaining. The first week the guild were able to clear up to Deathbringer Saurfang, and in a fine display of ‘breaking out the spinnach took out Marrowgar despite him dealing 25 man content levels of damage. And in the second week did the same, with the best attempt being 21%, before being viciously slaughtered. During such Icecrown raids, Sacrosanct has found out he’s constantly getting the defective Jetpack during the Gunship event, not once…but TWICE falling from the Hammer during the battle. Zuuzuu has demonstrated the skills of an “Irish Minesweeper” by removing the Icecrown alarms by walking into them. And Soulscar being forcibly made a healer for all future raids…but he doesn’t know yet. So shush!

We also decided to return to Ulduar 10 recently to take a crack at some of the achievement in preparation for the Algalon project. After some steller raid leading work from Kiaya, the guild managed Orbital Devestation on the Flame Leviathan, with two towers up. Stokin’ the Furnace on Ignis. Heartbreaker on Deconstructor. And the Crazy Cat Lady on the Crazy Cat Lady. More achievements will very likely follow, for the giggles.

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And lastly, the guild has just dinged 70 accounts. The flame of the Phoenix continues to burn bright!

Due to a consistent high standard of 10 man raiding performance Ebon Phoenix is branching out into Heroic Mode focus and beginning a project that will hopefully end in the demise of one of the most feared WotLK bosses to date! Algalon the Observer will be attempted over the coming months and for more information on this project Lunesca asks that all interested parties visit this thread to discuss.


Also coming up is a trip to Trial of the Grand Crusader which has been highly anticipated by many of our members, good luck in there to all whom are signed! Let’s have a few of those modes down before the patch.

In recent news Lunesca led Ebon Phoenix into TOTC25 for their first solo guild run. Despite only having 23 players (and only 5 healers!) the group managed to down the Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxuss before moving onto Onyxia for a quick cuddle before bed! Well done to all involved, and a special thank you to those who joined on short notice to help out – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Last but by no means least, Ebon Phoenix have become home to a large number of new members, all of whom have settled into EP like it’s been home for years. The officers would like to thank all our new recruits for really adding to the wonderful atmosphere of the guild and hope to spend many years playing by their sides!

Things in Ebon Phoenix have been ticking along nicely these last few weeks. In the hopes of bringing the Ashes of A’lar to the guild, a couple of Tempest Keep runs have been fielded. With more expected if people find themselves bored.

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Raiding wise, weekly Trial of the Crusader and Onyxia runs continue to bring a steady stream of Triumph Badges into the guild’s hands. And since the Trial of the Crusader is being cleared with relative ease on a weekly basis, the guild may soon try their hand at Trial of the Grand Crusader.

In other news, Solidus has decided to spend most of Hallow’s End dancing in Dalaran, creating one of the most disturbing mental images ever seen.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Also, remember that whatever activity you could have failed at in Wow this week. It couldn’t possibly be as bad as this man here:

Plenty of things have happened to us since the last update. This blog will try to remain up to date from now on.

We’ve seen a lot of new interesting people join our ranks who have certainly been adding to the flavor! Of note have been Solidos, Wyenama, Catahecassa, Taurau and Myr and it’s been great to have new faces in the mix. A huge welcome from all of Ebon Phoenix!

Recently, Jaerielle hosted a heroic race between two five man teams, to see who can clear through three selected heroics the fastest. With both teams neck and neck right up until the final heroic, an unlucky wipe on one of the teams allowed one team to run off with the lead! But both sides had great fun and we hope to field similiar random competitions in the future.

Raid wise things are looking really up for EP. With the exception of the week Anu’barak was added (simply due to a busy raiding week) each Trial of the Crusader boss has been destroyed on first encounter on the week it’s been added, with Lord Jaraxxus and the Twin Valkyr on the very first attempt. Huge congratulations to Strato for wandering off with Illumination, a staff large enough to paddle a canoe with.


Rather comically, Yogg-Saron in Ulduar remains unkilled, simply due to no raids being fielded against him. With the tier 8.5 gear available from badges, mustering the enthusiam to finish off Ulduar with only the General and Yog remaining has been no easy task. Instead it’s been more benefiticial to go against the Trial of the Crusader for the progression towards tier 9. But it remains a loose end worth tieing up when we can get round to it.

Far more interesting, has been the growing good relations between Ebon Phoenix and another PvE guild on the server, Venatus Una. VU have been looking to flex their raiding muscles and move into the end game and frequently have a surplus of tanks. Ebon Phoenix, frequently suffering from a shortage of tanks, have been working together with Venatus Una in the 25 man content, specifically Naxxramas. The experiment so far has been a tremendous success! The first tandem Naxxramas 25 man ID saw all of Naxx completely cleared, with Kel’Thuzad one shotted, despite a wobbly turn at 40% health. Hats off to everyone there for keeping a cool head in a scene of such extreme chaos! A very valiant display from both EP and VU! Long may such cooperation continue!

Take it away Bunny Orc dancing!