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Answers to more frequently-asked questions can be found here. Please contact a guild Officer via the forum or in-game chat if you have any questions/concerns.

  • Question: How do I join Ebon Phoenix?

Answer: If you would like to join our guild, please post an application in the Recruitment section of our forum. Please remember to read the sticky posts first! You’ll need to create a forum account before you can post your application; we prefer it if people use their main character’s name as their forum account name.

  • Question: How long will I be a Recruit for?

Answer: Our new member initiation period is for one week, after which you will be awarded full membership.

  • Question: Are you a raiding guild?

Answer: No, Ebon Phoenix are not a raiding guild. We do, however, host regular WoTLK end-game raid content, as well as occasional vanilla/TBC raids.

  • Question: Do you use DKP? What are your loot policies?

Answer: No, we do not use DKP or any other external “loot system”; we use the Master Looter/Group Loot systems in-game, and distribute loot based on /roll 100 luck. An in-depth guide to our loot policies can be found in the Phoenix Code. As a general rule, we operate on a “need before greed” policy, and have a priority system based upon a character’s main talent spec (no priorities are given based on secondary spec).

  • Question: Who is the Guild Leader? Who are the guild Officers?

Answer: Our Guild Leader is Sarris. The current Officers are Kiaya, Helvetica, Lunesca and Painless.

  • Question: Are Recruits/Alts allowed to raid with Ebon Phoenix?

Answer: Members are allowed to sign for raids with their Alts, though preference will usually be given to Mains, particularly in our “middle ground” and “progression” raids. During raids, Alts are given exactly the same loot rolling rights as Mains.
Recruits are permitted to sign for “farm” content raids, though we ask that recruits do not to sign for “progression” and “middle ground” raids; Recruits may however be brought in to such raids as reservists (a decision which is ultimately made on a case-by-case basis, at the raid leader’s discretion) if a position cannot be filled by another member.

  • Question: Which bosses have Ebon Phoenix defeated? Which raids are “farm”, “middle ground”, and “progression”?

Answer: An up-to-date guild progression list, including details of defeated bosses, can be found here, and also in our WoWWiki article.

  • Question: Do you use Ventrillo/Teamspeak/in-game voice chat?

Answer: We use a Team Speak server for voice chat; our private server details can be found on the in-game guild information tab.

  • Question: How frequently do Ebon Phoenix host raids? Do you have a raiding schedule? Do I have to attend x amount of raids per week?

Answer: We host raids as and when our raid leaders are available, and do not have a set raiding schedule. Our members are free to raid as little or as often as they wish. Most Ebon Phoenix raids occur in the evenings, often on the weekends, and rarely begin before 20:00 server time (GMT+1).

  • Question: How come I didn’t get signed for the raid I wanted to join? Why didn’t the raid leader pick me?

Answer: Our raid slots are usually allocated on a first-come, first-served basis (though raid leaders are free to make adjustments to their group composition, particularly in “progression” and “middle-ground” raids, to ensure they have a balanced, well-equipped group). People who sign after all positions in the group are filled will be listed as reservists, and may be called in if a signed player has to cancel or leave early. However, please note that being listed as a reservist does not necessarily guarantee you will be called in as a replacement; reserve positions are allocated at the raid leader’s discretion.

  • Question: Do you use threat/damage meters (e.g.: Omen, Recount)? Do you require your raiders to use certain add-ons?

Answer: We do not consider any game add-ons to be mandatory, and do not advocate the use of threat meters as a requirement for raiding. We do, however, highly recommend the use of mods such as Deadly Boss Mods during raids, as they provide valuable information and notifications for raiders. Whilst many of our members may choose to use threat meters and/or damage meters, we ask that members refrain from posting data from these meters (as well as data from similar add-ons, such as gear score moderators) in public channels – /guild, /raid, /party and so on – as we feel that doing so often causes detrimental effects on group behavior/morale.

  • Question: How come I can’t see/take items from the Guild Bank? Can I withdraw something from the Guild Bank?

Answer: Only full members have access to view and make deposits into the in-game Guild Bank; new members do not have access to the guild bank until their initiation period ends.
Main rank characters are able to make a limited number of withdrawals from our trade goods, glyphs and consumables tabs, but do not have access to restricted tabs.
Officers have permission to withdraw items on behalf of members from any tab; please contact an Officer if you wish to request an item from the Guild Bank.

  • Question: How many Alts am I allowed to bring to the guild?

Answer: We currently have no limitation on how many Alts a member may bring to the guild, of any class/level/spec. However, members may only have one Main rank character at any one time; please contact an Officer if you would like to change your Main.

  • Question: What is my Officer Note for?

Answer: We use the in-game Officer Notes to store information about each character, such as their primary talent spec, and – if they are an Alt – who the member’s Main is. Please contact an Officer if you would like to update your note with a new primary talent spec.

  • Question: How often am I allowed to change my Main? How often am I allowed to change my primary talent spec?

Answer: We do not have any set rules on how many times/how often a member is allowed to reassign their Main character or primary talent spec. However, we do expect members not to attempt to manipulate this system to gain more than their fair share of loot, raid slots etc.; Officers reserve the right to decline a member’s request to reassign their Main/primary talent spec if they feel a member is doing so excessively. Please note, however, that you are free to change your in-game talent spec whenever you wish for your own purposes – the term “primary talent spec” is simply in reference to your preferred raiding spec and determines your eligibility in the loot priority system.

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